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T-ball, the original game

Okay there are two variations to doing the T-ball pass, but both require you to be fairly proficient at scissor catching clubs, so you might want to learn that before moving on to the trick.

T-ball is like a kids version of baseball, where there is no pitcher. Instead, the ball sits up on a tee, and just gets batted off. Like the T-ball pass. Cha ching!

A club in a scissor catch position

Variation 1 (Simple)

In a 6 club 4-count, after passing your club to your partner, zip your left club into your right hand into a circus grip. From here, catch the incoming pass, and through it into a scissor catch. By the time this is done, you can catch the next incoming pass and then by making the same motion used to swing the caught club scissor 180° into a balance except letting it fall back a tad further (um… 200°), you can bat it off with your left club as either a floaty flat or with one and a half spins to land like a tomahawk pass. To give it more of a rhythm, start swinging the scissor caught club into position just before catching the incoming pass, so that when it is in position you can hit it off straight away like hitting a ball off a tee. Easy as!

Variation 2 (Advanced - Needs further experiment)

For scissor catch experts, instead of catching your own self, you can catch the incoming pass in a scissor catch as you would a reverse spun club. What you end up with is a trapped club hanging over your left shoulder, which brings a whole new set of problems. First, without flipping the caught club over, bring the clubs over to your right shoulder so that the caught club is now hanging over your right shoulder. Catch the incoming pass, then SLOWLY swing (but fast enough so that it doesn’t limply lie on the “scissors”) the scissor catch over your shoulder into the more traditional position, and hit off the club before it falls off. Good luck!