the Passing DataBase

What we want to do here is to balance a club on another club, and to then use this balance to do the pass. Let's assume you're doing a 4-count for what follows.

To achieve the balance, it's easiest to throw an early double (from your left hand to your partner's left hand), and to use the resulting hold to place the club in your left hand on the club in your right. You then catch your partner's pass. Jugglers who have worked on this balance in solo practice won't necessarily need the early double.

Now you can obviously throw the balanced club as your next pass.

But if you want to do the genuine trick, you will want to throw the other club, that is the one you are holding. The balanced club should come back to your right hand after a completing a spin. The animation on the left is worth a thousand words and I'll leave you with it.