the Passing DataBase

Here are a few multiplexes throws that I've tried to draw with causal diagrams. I've used some dotted lines in order not to break the causal lines.

"simple" multiplexes

I write simple just because the following ones are a bit harder.

6 clubs, 2-count: duplex

7 clubs, 2-count: duplex

6 clubs 2-count: triplex or bouquet

Multiplexes to different height (or destination)

These ones are a bit harder (can even be a lot harder). You'll to throw the 2 clubs at a different height, or to a different place).

This is achieved by the way you're going to handle the clubs in your hands. And you'll also need a lot of practice to feel the trick.
For a classic duplex (the above multiplexes). For sending 2 clubs to a different height (triple and double for example).

6 clubs 2-count: triple & single duplex pass

6 clubs 4-count: double & triple duplex self

6 clubs 4-count: single pass and single self duplex