the Passing DataBase

The runaround is a "pattern" where two jugglers basically run around each other continuously stealing one club after another (as well as the hat, the cigar and various other things!).

This pattern can be broken down and worked out at each step since neither juggler is continuously juggling 3 clubs. The first steps are excatly the same as those described in side steals.

Slow version

For one complete cycle, each juggler makes two consecutive right hand catches followed by two consecutive left hand catches. There is then a free moment when they can use either (which is available) to steal the hat, then later with the other, steal the cigar.

Fast version

In the fast version, everything goes twice as fast and there is only one catch made by each hand. For this, when B steals the first club with their right hand, they go immediately in front of A to catch the next club which was destined to arrive in the A's left hand. A then throws their last club with their left hand below the left arm of B and moves quickly to catch it again on B's right side (like in the slow version). The pattern continues by switching the roles.

The juggler can still take the hat and the cigar in the fast version, they just need to move faster.