the Passing DataBase

Stealing and sharing

simple sharings (easy but interesting)
stealing from the side
stealing from the front
see also the "Gandini Takeway Notation" (article from Kaskade)

While passing

replacing while passing

Remarks on steals and takeouts

Things to know about steals and takeouts:

With all tricks of this kind, it's important that the juggler who's interfering or stealing not make any false movements. Your partner could believe that you're going to take some of the clubs and may drop them. It's better to be sure about what club you're going to take and to intervene right on time.
On the other hand, the one who gets the clubs stolen from him should juggle as if nothing was going to happen. It's not a good idea to throw the club to your partner; he has to take them where they are.
Descriptions are made using the world 'club.'  You can use 'ball', 'ring', or whatever equally, but sometimes the way you're going to take the props may differ (and be harder).

Abbreviations used:

LH : left hand
RH : right hand
A : a juggler
B : the other juggler