the Passing DataBase

Warning: These applications are under constant devellopement and are likely to have evolved


Name: JoePass!, Version 2.09
Web Site:
Developed by: Wolfgang Westerboer
Available For: Windows 95/98/NT, MacOS
Interface Language: English
Download Size: ~350 KB

JoePass! has a real time editor, so patterns don't need to be coded and saved in separate text files and then loaded into the simulator. It also supports direct input of patterns in siteswap (whereas Jongl requires a converter when not run from the command line).

JoePass! includes numerous juggling styles: pancake throws with rings, backcrosses, Mills Mess, etc., all switchable on the fly using a single command. JoePass! supports multiplex throws, which were available only in past Jongl versions (though they might yet make a comeback). Additionally, it can handle juggler movement for simulation of runaround patterns, of which it has several in its pattern archive (e.g., the Runaround Four Person Star, also known as "Shooting Star", or the infamous Bruno's Nightmare). Even a pre-programmed camera movement path can be defined for adding some dramatic cinematic flair to the scene.

Press here to read a review of JoePass! I wrote for the European Kaskade magazine


Name: Jongl, Version 7.0
Web Site:
Developed by: Werner Riebesel, Martin Hoffmann
Available For: Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, SunOS, IRIX 6.3 and 6.5, AmigaOS 1.3 to 3.1
Interface Languages: English, German and French
Download Size: 250-800 KB (platform dependent)

Jongl has its strong points. First and foremost, it is available for numerous operating systems (virtually all platforms except MacOS), which is a fairly important consideration for people using those systems. Another important trait is the multi-lingual approach: both the documentation and interface are available in English, German and French, which broadens the potential user base.

Jongl has an extensive library of juggleable (and less juggleable) objects, compared to JoePass!'s standard balls, rings and clubs. The array of available juggling characters (females, aliens, skeletons, you name it!) is also much richer than Joe's stick figures. To top it off, high level graphics and such whimsical features as "prop's point of view" (also known as "vomit mode"), flight paths, object follow, etc., all contribute to make rendering patterns in Jongl an amusing as well as an educational experience.