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The idea (Julian Orbach's idea) is to solve the following problem: We are 4 jugglers of different levels (say 1 very good, 2 average and 1 beginner). What patterns can we do ? This search will only give results among the patterns section.

In order to do that, I first had to define some different levels of jugglers. This is not so easy since many parameters have to be taken into account: ability to play with different rhythms and feed them, to move while juggling, to do dropbacks, to throw long passes, ...
I've given below the 4 levels I've used. You may disagree with them. Be also aware that it's always better to underestimate your level: increasing the difficulty of a pattern is way easier than the reverse.

Able to pass a 4-count
Able to:
pass reliably a 4-count or 2-count
move slowly while juggling
catch dropbacks

Able to:
pass in rhythms like PPS
move and watch what's happening while juggling a 2, 3 or 4-count
make long passes

Able to:
feed any rhythm (PPS, 1-count, ...)
move quickly
pass reliable dropbacks

Number of
Intermediate jugglers:
Good jugglers:
Advanced jugglers: