the Passing DataBase

This rhythm is very similar to regular 3-count, and is not really harder. His main utility is when you do a feed with mild madness (these feeds are called Martin's mildness and Martin's madness), both feedees juggle Jim's 3-count.

The difference to regular 3-count is that a juggler crosses his passes (for every throw). Hence it creates a hurry, but as long as you remember that you have to throw the club you just received, it should present no particular problem. A consequence of the hurry is that each juggler regularly throws twice in a row with the same hand (see the following causal diagrams) .

regular 3-count : <3p 3 3 | 3p 3 3>
Jim's 3-count : <3p 3* 3 3p 3 3 | 3p 3 3 3p 3* 3>


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