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Finally, here's a very interesting rhythm for 5 clubs that is very different from the 1-count and yet doesn't have any holds.

The sequence goes: pass, pass, handacross, pass, handacross (PPZPZ). It can be seen as bookends (PPSPS) with handacrosses instead of selfs. The siteswap sequence is 3.5p 3.5p 1 3.5p 1, which is 77722 in 4-hand siteswaps.

All passes are floaty singles; J1 does straight passes and J2 crossing passes. J1 starts with the Right Hand with PPZPZ, and J2 starts with the RH very soon after J1 (half a beat) with PZ, then PPZPZ.

5 clubs: 77722


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