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Warning : crazy rhythm that will challenge your physical and mentral abilities

This rhythm comes from a complicated variation of 7-count 7 clubs popcorn in which you uses the 4 selfs to throw 5 3 4 0. To get the 8 clubs version, you will 'just' have to replace 0's by single floating passes (3,5p). Here are the two diagrams, for you to compare both rhythms:

7 clubs 7-count popcorn with 5340

Jon and Dani's 8 clubs 7-count pocorn

Here is the pattern for J1 (for J2 you'll have to switch crossed and straight passes):
- triple self
- single self
- double floating crossed pass
- triple self
- single self
- double self over the same hand
- single floating straight pass

J2 starts with a triple left hand self, immediately followed by a triple right hand self by J1. The 4 hands siteswap is 10 10 6 6 8 9 7, and each juggler throws 10 6 9 10 6 8 7.


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