the Passing DataBase

This can be seen as the 1-count (ultimate) version of Mild Madness. The principle is the same: making zips when a pass arrives in your "wrong" hand. Just keep thinking you must only do passes, as one might want to add a few selfs when used to doing Mild Madness.

The rhythm can also be seen from a different point en view and be used to go on to Martin's Mildness, as it is a good way to learn to make zips without getting confused by the rhythm. You need for that to see it as being :
- PPPPZ: pass, pass, pass, pass, zip (handacross)
The juggler doing straight passes (upper line) will need to start at the middle of the sequence by PPZ (and then PPPPZ...).

You can try to find the corresponding variants of Mild Madness variants.


Files for JoePass!