the Passing DataBase

The name "popcorn" for these patterns comes from the fact that the jugglers throw singles, doubles and triples ; something visually similar to what happens to corn in a frying pan.

The right hand sequence (the left hand throws only singles) for each juggler is :

It's just a round of solo triple-single (the triple is a self) when the double (the pass) comes in.

7 clubs, regular popcorn : <3 3 3 5p 3 4p | 5p 3 4p 3 3 3>

One of the possible variations consists of replacing the triple-self's by double-self's and the passes on doubles by passes on singles. It's a little faster and it breaks the rhythm but since the pattern is lower, it's easier to master.

Another variation, one that simplifies things a bit, is to replace the triple-singles (siteswap 53) by 2 self doubles (44). As a matter of fact, you can switch between the two at any moment. The double-double variation is knows as the "Twin Towers" by some and can prove helpful for 5-count and 7-count popcorn. Moreover, since each juggler gets 3 normal self's after the pass, you can get into 441 or 531 (leading to their own variations). 531 is more visual since the 5 is thrown at the same time as your partner throws a triple. A final variation can be juggled by throwing a right hand double self instead of the pass followed by a diagonal pass on single (landing in your partner's hand just in time).

Variations :
- J1 juggles triple-singles with a bit of 441 then throws the diagonal pass with single spin.
- J2 does the "twin towers" beginning with 531.