the Passing DataBase

A very nice rhythm for 7 clubs. It's balanced, it isn't as hard as it looks (because the mistakes are easy to correct) and you can throw many tricks in it once you get the base pattern solid.More than than, it's also the door to all the ambidextrous 7 clubs patterns.
Here are a few tips :
- It's a 3-count, so the feeling is the same as the 6 clubs 3-count. The incoming clubs are those that are thrown back (it's always the same 3 clubs in the air).
- The passes are made on doubles. The theorical siteswap of the passes is 4.5 so make them high and slow. It's also possible to make the passes on single (see below).
- J1 starts with 2 clubs in each hand and juggles : RH pass, self, self, ...
- J2 waits for as long as possible (one and a half beat) and starts with a pass : RH pass, self, self, ...

7 clubs, 3-count : 4.5p 3 3