the Passing DataBase

There's no "big secret" to this amazing pattern. You just need a lot of practice and some precision. You can either juggle in on doubles (harder because of the precision needed) or on floaty singles (faster but easier to get down and nicer). Since the siteswap is <3.5p|3.5p>, it's theorically just between a double (4) and a single (3).

J1 starts with 4 clubs (2 in each hand) and make tramline passes (the RH make the first pass), J2 starts half a beat later (with 3 clubs) and throw diagonal passes (the RH make the first pass).

On singles, try to slow down the pattern by throwing higher passes.

7 clubs ultimate : <3.5p | 3.5p>

Reminder : Ultimate = no self

Patterns inspired by the BN theory

BN : 64
Sequence : double pass, double self

BN : 663
: double pass, double pass, self

BN : 744
Sequence : triple pass, self, self

If you've understood the BN theory, you'll discover many more patterns using some 5 ball siteswaps.