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Mild Madness (some people may call it Martin's PPS, but Martin Frost frowns on that) is an evolved version of the normal PPS, whose causal diagrams I've placed below in order to compare a few things. Being comfortable with PPS is required.

normal PPS: <3p 3p 3 | 3p 3p 3>

In Mild Madness, one juggler will cross all his passes (Right Hand to RH, LH to LH). If you try it this way (it's worth it), you'll realize very soon that there is a small problem. The 'small' problem is solved as follows:

Mild Madness

A few tips:

Slow version

On a theoretical point of view, there also is a version with no hurries, and passes done with floaty singles. Practically speaking, you'll be juggling something in between. This slow version can be seen as a 4-hand siteswap: 7777266

Mild madness: slow version with no hurry