the Passing DataBase

This section deals with possible passing rhythms for 2 jugglers.
The thing on the right is a causal diagram, understanding the patterns will quite often require you to understand this kind of diagram (very very useful !).

see also:

5 clubs rhythms

6 clubs rhythms

classical rhythms


  • 2-count / 4-count
  • 2-count / 3-count
  • 3-count / 4-count
  • PPS / 3-count

Asynchronous rhythms

These are the ones that can be described with 4-hands siteswaps.

Rhythms with hurries

7 clubs rhythms

classical rhythms

Hurried patterns

8 clubs rhythms

Basic rhythms

  • 2-count in singles or doubles
  • (shower)

9 clubs rhythms

basic rhythms

  • 2-count in double or triple
  • (shower)


  • 1-count (ultimate)
  • popcorn !!!! ????