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Hits and Kicks

Author: Elias Olivares

A nice and impressive trick, both for the spectator and the passer, is to experiment with passing your club to your parter by hitting it over with different parts of your body, or with another club.

Drop Kick

The most classical way of doing this trick in 4-count is to pull off a drop kick.
To do this, we start our passing as usual, and just after having thrown a club to our partner we stop juggling with 2 clubs in our right hand. We then put the club that we just recieved in our left hand in a horizontal position. Then all you have to do is let go of the club and kick it with the top of your foot so that it travels gracefuly in a horizontal fashion to your partner's left hand.
It is also possible to do this without stopping: the last self from the left hand before the pass is thrown as a flat towards your right foot, then take aim, and GOOAAAL!!!! Good, now stay calm! and remember that this method is much more difficult, and not as impressive to the public as the method with the stop.


In 4-count we start passing as usual, and just after having thrown a club to our partner we stop passing with 2 clubs in our right hand. We use these 2 clubs like a tennis racket to hit the third club, thrown as a horizontal flat from the left hand. Backhands are also possible.
In 3-count, the best way is to catch the pass from your partner without throwing a self before hand. Now we have 2 clubs in that hand, and a racket ready to wack!

A second version of this trick (which is also called tennis but is much more difficult) is done without interupting the juggling.

The last self before the throw must be floty. The right hand, in a tomahawk position, must wait for the right moment to hit the club at the end opposite to the handle (refer to the drawing). The club when hit straight will normaly go as a horizontal flat (javolin) towards your partner.

A variation can be done if you try to freeze the pattern by deadening the incoming club on your right club instead of just hitting it, and then push it back to your partner.

Still another version: we throw the club from the left to right hand (like a normal self) then we hit the head of the club with the club in our right hand, (movement starting from your upper body) in such a way that it does one and a half rotations in the inverse direction towards your partner.


In 4-count, just after having made the pass, we place the club from our left hand (handle towards your partner) between our legs, before catching the pass that arrives in our left hand (then stop). Then, when it is time to pass, we hit the club on its end with the club in our right hand (try to be accurate if you dont want bruises on your legs). The club should fly to your partner.
The trick is to let go with your legs the moment that you hit the club.