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Side steals

The purpose here is to take all the clubs from your partner and the stealing is made according to two criteria: " slowly or quickly" and "starting either from the outside or from the inside". Once you manage either of these techniques, you will be able to attempt a runaround, which is actually a continuous stealing of all 3 clubs.

Slow stealing from the outside (coming from the right)

Please notice:
Obviously it is the same to begin on the left side instead of the right side (and it is better to know how to do so on both sides). I don't describe the "slow inside stealing" here. You can however try it using the same principle as the "fast inside setaling". The details are briefly outlined below.

Fast stealing from the outside (coming from the right)

In the fast version, everything goes twice as fast and there is only one club caught by each hand. When B steals the first club with their right hand, they immediately move in front of A to catch the next club destined to arrive in A's left hand. A then throws their last club with their left hand below B's left arm, who then takes control of all 3 clubs.

Fast stealing from the inside (coming from the right)

Here B always remains on A's right hand side, but steals the first club from the left side of A with their left hand. To do so, they have to put their arm above A's arms, between the clubs and A's body. The first club is the hardest to take, with their right hand, B then takes the club destined for A's right hand, then waits for A to throw the last club.