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6 clubs 3-count/1-count

This pattern allows one juggler to work on the 7 clubs 3-count while the other one juggles a very slow 1-count on doubles (and can use some holds). It's not exactly a slow-fast though because the jugglers keep juggling at the same speed (if we count a hold as being a throw).
All passes are crossing doubles.

6 clubs, 3-count/1-count : <4p 3 3 | 2 2 4p>

An easy way to start this pattern is to start from a 4-count, and then to throw a late double. The one who throws the double starts juggling on a 3-count, the other one starts his 1-count side of the pattern by throwing back a crossing double under the incoming double (see diagram below).

3-count/1-count with a 4-count start