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7 clubs: 443p vs 3-count popcorn

Credits: Created by Kylie Osman

Kylie had suggested on rec.juggling the idea of a passing pattern in which one juggler does 441, but you replace the 1's with normal passes.  So I attacked the problem with JoePass!, and I came up with this rhythm (and Kylie did the same in the meantime).

J1 does 443p, i.e. double-double-pass.  J2 does pass-self-double, which is a 3-count popcorn. The result is a particular sort of asymmetrical popcorn (J1 and J2 are not doing the same thing) that includes no selfs for J1, his share of juggling 3 objects reduced to the pass.  The passes are normal straight singles for both jugglers.

The easiest way to get it going is for J1 to start with 4 clubs and jump right into the sequence.  J2 starts with 2 clubs in the right hand and 1 in the left.  He waits for J1's first pass to arrive and then starts with his left hand with pass-self-double.