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5 and 6 clubs: NotWhy?

So why the name NotWhy?
There are two reasons, and I'll take responsibility for that.  NotWhy and WhyNot? can also be described by a 4-handed siteswap, and the two look very much alike:  86277 for WhyNot?, and 86772 for NotWhy?.  Moreover, I stumbled upon the fact that, if you read the causal diagram for WhyNot from right to left (instead of left to right), you find that it's NotWhy?.  To this day, I haven't found another rhythm which, thus reversed, produces anything other than itself.  
There you have it, and now we'll move on to the serious stuff.

Here also, one of the jugglers will make only crossing passes while the other  makes straight passes.  The passes are lofty singles.

If you have previously learned WhyNot, or if you are used to juggling a pattern as soon as you're given the complete cycle, you may skip straight to the 6-club version.  Otherwise, the 5-club version will help you learn.  Here, in order to catch a pass, you throw just one double, followed by a pass and a hand-across (zip).  It's a little easier to get used to than the double zip in WhyNot?.  

Thus the rhythm with 5 clubs is:  double, pass, zip, pause, pause (then you start over on the other side).  Instead of two pauses (siteswap 22), you could do a self, zip (siteswap 31).

NotWhy ? - 5 clubs : 4 3.5p 1 2 2

We're using the holds on the 5-club version to add the 6th club (check out the diagrams: we've added another line instead of the 2s). The cycle becomes:
double, pass, zip, self, pass.

NotWhy ? - 6 clubs : 4 3.5p 1 3 3.5p

Start: 3 clubs each (2 in the RH), J1 starts with a RH double and does crossing passes. J2 starts half a beat after J1's first pass (1.5 beat after J1's start) with a RH pass, followed by a double to start the cycle. J2 does straight passes.