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The principle of these rhythms is exactly the same with 5, 6, 7 (or more) clubs. The base pattern is the 1-count (or ultimate) with 5, 6 or7 clubs.
Reminder: the rhythm is RH pass, LH pass, RH pass, LH pass, ...

What's currently happening for the right hand is:
1 - a club is coming to my right hand
2 - in order to catch it, I throw back a club from my right hand

What you're going to do instead is:
1 - a club is coming to my right hand
2 - in order to catch it, I do a right to left hand-across (or zip)
3 - In order to catch the zipped club in my left hand, I throw back a club from my left hand

In fact, 2 and 3 are happening simultaneously. And since both your hands are working, you get a lot of hurries.
Note also that if the right hand throw is crossed in the normal ultimate, then the pass made from the left hand (step 3) are straight in ultimate-zip (and conversely).

You can have only one of the jugglers doing the ultimate-zip; the other one does the normal version.

To start the rhythm, it's better to start from a normal 1-count, and, passing twice from the same hand, begin to do the zips. For example with a 5-count:

RH pass - LH pass - RH pass - LH pass - RH pass - [ RH pass | zip LH to RH ] - [ LH pass | zip RH to LH ] - ..........
In the blue part, all passes are cross, in the red one, they are straight.

The more clubs the faster. Try making floaty passes, and begin with 5 clubs.

ultimate-zip with 5 clubs
ultimate-zip with 6 clubs (J1 only)
ultimate-zip with 6 clubs (J1 & J2): collisions !
ultimate-zip with 7 clubs