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8 clubs: PPS

Things start to get really serious now. Let's say it's half way between 7 clubs PPS and 9 clubs 1-count (and a good practice for the latter). One of the jugglers crosses, the other goes straight. All passes are floaty doubles.

The easier start probably has each juggler starting with 4 clubs. The upper juggler throws (starting RH) pass, self, then PPS with crossing passes. The lower throws (starting RH) directly PPS with straight passes half a beat later.

On the following diagram, the upper juggler starts with 5 clubs (3 in RH) throwing pass, pass, self with crossing passes. The lower starts with 3 clubs (2 in RH) and throwing self and then starting the PPS pattern.

8 clubs, PPS : <4.5p 4.5p 3 | 3 4.5p 4.5p>