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8 clubs: symetric synchronous 3-count 4p44

Complete version

The complete version is a real nightmare. Both passers MUST be extremely steady with four clubs. On the other hand, the theory is quite simple: each juggler starts with 4 clubs doubles (in the same time), then you throw a pass every 3 throw (double pass)

Each juggler should then do:

  • double self RH
  • double self LH
  • double pass RH
  • double self LH
  • double self RH
  • double pass LH
8 clubs, 3-count, coming from 4 clubs solo : <4p 4 4 | 4p 4 4>

Be careful : On the scheme, it starts with the pass

If you feel really confident (or just for fun with JoePass!), you can try the super-complete version by replacing 2 double selfs in a row by triple-single, thus you get an 8-club popcorn !!
You can notice that this rhythm (just like the following scheme) is a part of a whole family: the rhythms taken from 4 clubs solo.

"Half" version

This one is much more easier, and you will use it as a practice for the whole version. It's all about throwing half of the passes: you pass only either the LH passes or the RH passes. It's in fact a 6-count.

8 clubs, 6-count popcorn: <4p 4 4 4 4 4 | 4p 4 4 4 4 4>