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8 clubs 2-count

This rhythm is the first one you will try with eight clubs if you are a regular juggler. If you can easily deal with seven clubs doubles (for the passes) and singles (for the speed), that shouldn't be too hard for you.

Theory would request triples for eight clubs 2-count, the matching siteswap being '5p 3'. Though, most of passers use doubles because it is easier to throw doubles than triples, even if the rhythm is faster. On the other hand, triples will be more spectacular and a good training for nine 2-count.
Assuming you are throwing doubles, it will be the same as 7 clubs 2-count, the only difference being beginning at the same time with four clubs each, and also it's a little faster. Once you'll manage to get it steady, you can try to be more precise for your partner (same height, same spin, same timing): seen from the side, clubs should cross exactly between you two.

8 clubs (doubles ou triples) : <5p 3 | 5p 3>

8 clubs singles

Things will start to get harder, and you'll have to become way more precise. The trick is to have your own self and your single pass thrown at the same time. Your two hands throw at the same time. For the rest, I'll let you experience for yourself (the main problem is it's hard to throw good selfs, sometimes because of passes arriving too much on the left......).

With a little practice, it's possible to throw not exactly at the same time and it's what is shown in the following diagram.

8 clubs singles

With a lot more practice, on can go from 8 clubs 2-count triples to doubles, and then to singles, and back (the return is easier).