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7 clubs PPS

Before going any further, we suggest you to get familiar with the 6 clubs PPS (for the rhythm) and the 7 clubs 3-count  (for the right and left hand double throws).
You also need to know that there is no such thing as a symetrical PPS (i.e. : 2 jugglers doing the same thing) with 7 clubs. You may think that you just need to make the passes on doubles with one of you making tramline passes while the other throw diagonally, but it doesn't work. In the version below (there's others, depending on who is the tramline passer and who is the diagonal one) one of the juggler must alternate between passes on singles and passes on doubles.

7 clubs, PPS (tramline doubles) : <4p 4p 3 | 3 3p 4p>

In details :


Here's a variation with a different feel, even if the siteswap sequence stays the same: throw the doubles as diagonal passes and the singles as tramline.

7 clubs, PPS (diagonal doubles) : <4p 4p 3 | 3 3p 4p>

see also: 7 clubs PPS double vs single.