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7 clubs : 5-count popcorn

Here's a popcorn that will force you to work on your left hand as much as your right (see also : popcorn 7-counts and 3-counts among others)

Here is what you have to do : thing, thing, (floaty) single pass, self, self where :
- thing, thing = triple, self (original but tricky because of the triple)
- or : thing, thing = double, double ("twin towers" version, easier)

When a pass comes your way, you throw 2 doubles (or a triple-self) to get the 4 clubs, make a pass, then throw two selfs before starting again on the other side.

With triple-self : 5 3 3.5p 3 3

With double double (twin towers) : 4 4 3.5p 3 3

Let's assume that you're juggling the triple-single version.
Note : Since the triple (siteswap 5) is thrown every 5 beats, it's always the same club that is thrown as the triple.
Tricks : There's not too many siteswap variations here because we only have 2 selfs. 42 is a possibility, especially if you throw the 2 as a very fast single. You can also try to throw a self triple on the beat before the normal triple, forcing you to make a transfer instead of a self after the second triple (know why ? Because you're juggling 551 before the pass instead of 353). Here's the diagram with J1 juggling 551 and J2 juggling 42.

popcorn 5-count with 551 and 42

You can also throw an early double followed by a hold - something that opens new possibilities since there's now the hold and the 2 selfs (ie : 233) to have fun with. Try 530 for example, 440 or 413, 512 (throwing the 2 or not, you decide). You can see below those 4 variations, with J1 juggling 413 and 512 while J2 juggles 440 and 530.

popcorn 5-count with 413 and 512 for J1, 440 and 530 for J2.