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7 clubs : 4-count popcorn

The 4-count popcorn, non-ambidextrous and of a limited interest in itself, is still usefull as a mean to boost the difficulty of some feeds (see popcorn feeds).

The sequence is : RH triple, LH self, RH single pass, LH self. J1 starts with 4 clubs and begins with the pass, J2 starts at the same time with the triple.

Since the sequence is short because of the single passes, it can be difficult to find the correct tempo. Try to concentrate on making your triples high enough and your passes low and fast.

You can also try the "twin towers" version : RH double, LH double (each double comes back in the hand that threw it) instead of the RH triple, LH self. For the siteswap inclined : 44 instead of 53.