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7 clubs: 3-count popcorn (French 3-count)

This one is really cool ! Everybody juggles the magic pattern :

Since you will be juggling with a delay of a half beat, the second passer needs to wait a bit before throwing his first pass. He can wait half a beat and start with the double or wait one and a half beat and start with the pass.

7 clubs, pass-self-double : <3.5p 3 4 | 3.5p 3 4>

Please note (red line on the diagram) that you only throw a pass when you receive one, and only then.

Fast 3-count Popcorn

There's a 3-count popcorn that follows the logic of the 7-count and 5-count popcorns. The sequence would be : a self triple followed by a normal self and a very fast pass (a low flat).

Fast 3-count popcorn
This pattern is nearly impossible to juggle properly (and even improperly, it's tough enough) - it can even prove dangerous with clubs because the pass is a 5 (a 2,5 in solo juggling). But it seems that it can be done with rings.

To juggle it with clubs, you can throw all the passes a beat earlier as floaty singles or throw all the passes on the beat as floaty singles too (swapping the tramline-diagonal in each case). Both patterns will have a hold (or a very low throw, siteswap 2) so the 4 hands siteswaps are 10-7-4 and 10-4-7. A 8 clubs PPS variatation can also be extrapolated if you throw passes instead of holds.

Fast 3-count popcorn, with early singles
Fast 3-count popcorn, with late singles