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7 clubs: compressed mesopotamia

Credits: Created by Martin Frost

A hardcore rhythm, highly collision prone.

Both jugglers are passing on doubles (die-hard passing fanatics can try it on singles too).

To avoid collisions, try to keep the passes in corridors. That's all the help I can give you at the moment.

7 clubs, compressed mesopotamia : <4p 4p 4p 1 | 4p 4p 4p 3>

I've found 2 variations that I've written down below (mainly to remember them). The idea is to create a 0.5 delay (make passes as 3.5p or 4.5p with one juggler passing tramline passes and the other diagonal passes to avoid collisions).

1) 3.5p passes (6 clubs)

2) 4.5p passes, an 8 clubs pattern.

Last variation of the basic pattern : J1 makes triple passes while J2 makes single passes. Even better would be floaty doubles and floaty singles.