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7 clubs Oslo countdown

Oslo countdown

This one is a real bastard as the sequence is 15 beats long (from each side, that is), and furthermore because of collision danger. If you are planning on just a little bit of success with this pattern do yourself the favour to learn the 6-club version (countdown from 4). Just do one round of four-count, one of three-count, one of two-count, a one-count, a two count, a three-count, and then all over starting with the other hand. The throwing sequence is pssspsspsppspss.
The original version of the Oslo Countdown is a synchronous pattern where both jugglers do straight (!) passes - either on triples or doubles (mathematically it is supposed to be triples, but doubles may - or may not - be easier to control). It was courageously invented and attempted last summer with Magnus in the centre of Oslo). Especially around the one-count the pattern gets a bit weird for J1 as the sequence goes (starting from throw number 8) … pass, hold, pass, pass, zip, pass, empty hand, zip, pass, hold … Anyway - here it is. Good luck. J1 starts with 4 clubs.

If you can't get it work, don't worry - I have only managed to do three quarters of it so far, but since that is counting down, up and down again it means that it by no means is impossible. When we tried it in doubles we found that making the four-count very fast (try to do a 7-club four-count in doubles in stead of triples to warm up). The one-count, on the other hand, should be nice and slooooow.

Asynchronous Oslo countdown

Once you have tried your luck with this one you can try a version that is (possibly) a bit easier. (I say 'possibly' because I have actually never done this one as the only decent passing partner here in Copenhagen is JoePass!) there is an asynchronous version that might be a bit easier, as all the passes are floaty doubles (definitely doubles!), and as it contains no holds or empty hands. However there is a self double, but hey - if you have gotten this far that shouldn't be a problem. J1 starts with 4 clubs, and J2 starts one and a half beats later.

The monster 4 hands siteswap for that one would be
where each juggler juggles:
J1: 9668 966 96 9 92 926
J2: 9666 966 96 9 96 966