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7 clubs bookends (PPSPS)

What follows was written by Jon in Kaskade 65:

Now we get into 7-club versions of the 'old' 6-club pattern 'bookends', a 5-count with 3 passes and 2 selfs. The selfs always have min. one pass in between. There are (at least) two different ways to think about bookends patterns. One is to just do ppsps, the other is to pspsp (i.e., three right hand shower passes in a row followed immediately - no self in between! - by three left hand passes). Try to do the same pattern with both "feelings" - it doesn't feel like the same pattern even though your body is doing exactly the same (trippy, huh).

Basic bookends

The basic pattern in this section is another great fusion of technology, creative inspiration and skill (thanx for your patience, Mandy), but it isn't actually that hard, you just add another pass and another self to the basic pps. J2 starts with 4 clubs.
I also discovered that this pattern is exactly the same as one that Wolfgang describes in Kaskade 57 as
<4p 3 4p 3 3p|3 4p 3 4p 4p>, but never mind…
Don't forget to try both ends and to reverse the passes like in the pps patterns

7 clubs, basic bookends

Asynchronous Bookends

Here is a version where both jugglers do (almost) the same. J1 does floaty crossing singles and straight floaty doubles and J2 does the opposite - is that clear?!?.
J2 has 4 clubs and starts RH with PPSPS, and J1 starts immediately (half a beat) after with PS (then PPSPS) on the LH.
As this pattern is asynchronous (none of the four hands throw at the same time) it can be written down as a fourhanded siteswap: 96677 (see footnote 2). Each juggler throws 96767.

7 clubs, asynchronous bookends

P: floaty single
P: floaty double
S: single
P: floaty single
S: single

Funky Bookends

For an even weirder bookends (as if it needs to get any weirder!) try 86777, where each juggler juggles 87767 in turn. J1 has 4 clubs, and J2 starts half a beat later with PS (then PPSPS) on the LH.

7 clubs, funky bookends

P: floaty single
P: floaty single
S: single
P: floaty single
S: straight double


For a 'reverse' bookends (SSPSP or PSPSS) try this one - it even has a triple in it - oooohhh. J1 starts with 4 clubs by PSS (at the same time as J2 who starts with SSP).
This one cannot be written in a fourhanded site swap as it is a synchronous pattern, which also means that the passes don't need to be floaty, and that you can try making the crossing passes straight and vice versa.

7 clubs, sdnekoob

P: straight triple for J1
    crossing double for J2
S: single
S: single
P: crossing double
S: single