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7 clubs 4-count

Nothing really tough here : both passers are juggling a 4-count and the passes are made on triples (you got to make them nice & clean). The passes are not thrown at the same time : there's two beat between the pass of the first juggler and the pass of his partner. To get started, J1 starts with a pass and J2 starts at the same time with the sequence : RH self, LH self, pass...

Since it's a 4-count, you can use many of the 6 clubs 4-count tricks (441 for example).

7 clubs, 4-count : <3 3 5p 3 | 5p 3 3 3>

I've highlighted in red the beats when the jugglers can make a pass (and get one club back a beat later) to other jugglers like in the 7 clubs torture chamber pattern.

For a speedy but easier variation (because the passes are usually better), throw doubles instead of triples: a good pattern that helps to master the 11 clubs 2-count feed.