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6 clubs bookends (or PPSPS)

Its other name is PPSPS, a 5-count with 3 passes and 2 selfs. You'd better be quite comfortable with PPS because it's slightly harder for the brain, quite easy though. It is mainly used as a practice for the 7 clubs versions.

6 clubs, bookends : <3p 3p 3 3p 3| 3p 3p 3 3p 3>

note : There are two ways of considering bookends rhythms. One is just PPSPS, the other is PSPSP (i.e., 3 passes with RH in 2-count followed immediately by 3 LH passes in 2-count, without any self in between). Try to run this single rhythm with both ways, you will have two different feelings, even if your arms are doing exactly the same movements.