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Beer passing

Jugglers needed (base version): 3 good

This beer passing is nothing more than a special runaround. What happens here is, we put down one club (or more) and replace it with a glass of beer (or anything else if you're not into beer or alcohol). The purpose is then to drink one (or more) gulp when you have the glass.

You need 4, 5 or 6 clubs (depending on how difficult you want it to be, and how drunk you already are) and a glass of beer (the yellow disc in the diagrams below). I give some detailed explanation for 6 clubs, but the process really is the same with fewer clubs.

A & B start with 3 clubs each on a 2-count. C has the glass in his right hand (and can start drinking).
With 5 clubs, B only has 2 clubs and thus doesn't make this first pass.
A & B are doing their LH self. C catches B's first pass, and keeps the glass in his RH.
B catches A's pass.  A doesn't catch anything, he now only has 2 clubs.
A & B pass. C can now give the glass to A (I did not say throw).

B & C are doing a LH self. To free his RH, C must now have given the glass to A. A & B pass. This is A's last pass. He can start to drink, but he also has to move to B's side.

B & C are doing a LH self. C now has 3 clubs (unless you started with less than 6).
A is now moving and drinking at the same time if he can manage that. This is also the moment where a fourth can come and replace the empty glass with a full one.

Back to the beginning, but the roles are different.