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It's possible

Credits: A Rolla Rob Creation, first publication by Ed Carsten

Jugglers needed (base version): 2 beginners, 2 intermediate, 2 good

possible1   possible2   possible3   possible4

B and C can move slightly between each pass as shown in the diagrams, in order to ease E & F's task.

You can also add 3 jugglers to the pattern, which will make it easier for the first 6 (3 more since if you add somebody in the middle, then you need 2 more on the outside circle).

possible_bonus1   possible_bonus2   possible_bonus1   possible_bonus3

On the outside circle, you then have 2 triangles (ACE and BDF) that are doing a 4-count with a gap between them. If you take each triangle individually, it's not possible (due to the amount of stuff and jugglers in the middle) for the jugglers in one triangle to add passes among themselves instead of their selfs (A-C, C-E, E-A for example). But some early or late doubles could work.