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Dresser drawer weave

Jugglers needed (base version): 3 intermediate, 1 good

The principle is similar to the classical speed-wave. We still have 3 feedees and a feeder, and they're doing pretty much the same thing. Pretty much, but not exactly, since in this pattern, the 3 feedees all have their own lines on which they're going to move. Not having to move on a small figure 8 shape makes it easier for them (but not for the feeder who has to vary the length of the passes).

speed_wave1  speed_wave2  speed_wave3
speed_wave4  speed_wave5  speed_wave6

In the usual version, the feeder is doing a 2-count and the feedees are doing a 6-count.
In an easy version with passes only to and from the middle (see speed-weave), feeder in 4-count and feedees in 12-count.
In a hectic version, feeder in 1-count and feedees in 3-count.