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Tarim's runaway

Credits: Created by Tarim

Jugglers needed (base version): 4 advanced

This one is quite tricky (Tarim called it Runaway because when asked to try it out, people usually choose to run away). I would strongly advise you to first try the two static patterns on which this pattern is based:

Then you can have a go at the transitions.

Ultimate line feed:


Transition 1:

After a right hand pass, D catches the incoming pass and moves to the next position, ready for PPS with a RH start and starting outside, self, inside, inside...


PPS cross


Transition 2:

A moves after a RH pass to B. Before that, he has taken care to say "now" to C on their previous RH pass (so that C goes back to 3-count).
A goes to his new position with a RH pass to D 4 beats later. D, who has seen A moving, starts passing to him instead of doing selfs; he now is doing 1-count.

Ultimate line feed:

Back to the beginning, with different roles.