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The Clock (Boston Circle)

Jugglers needed (base version): 5 intermediate

This pattern has also be called "Turning Circle" or "Feast".

For the clock, the successive passes of a same juggler are made to different persons.
As many jugglers as you want can participate (with a minimum of 3), they are arranged in a circle. Each juggler passes in turn to all the other jugglers, including themselfs.
The juggler A will begin with a pass for C ( diagram 1), the next pass will be for B ( diagram 2), but after that, the pass is for himself, he will do a self ( diagram 3) then will continue with a pass for F ( diagram 4), and so on.

horloge1   horloge1   horloge3   horloge4

If there is an odd number of jugglers, one of them will begin with a self ( the pass for himself).

Aidan had suggested in the comment to try the moveable feast as a nice variation. This pattern now has its own page: the moveable feast.

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