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Rotating Y (aka oogle boogie)

Jugglers needed (base version): 4 good

This pattern is taken directly from the static Y. Essentially, at each step, the jugglers find themselfs once again in the shape of a "Y."  Furthermore, as in the static version, each juggler always throws to the same person and receives from the same person (but those are two different people).

y_tournant1   y_tournant2   y_tournant3   y_tournant4

For this to work correctly, each juggler must be exactly in the right position each time while moving in an (imaginary) circle.  It's important to visualize where one should be passing (it's even advisable to anticipate the movements of the others) and where incoming passes will come in (2 different places).  In particular, in step 2 (valid problem in any step in fact), D may have a tendency to catch the pass intended for C.  

4-count (every other) or 6-count at first if it's too fast. You can also move only on every 2 passes (or 3, or 4...).