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The Y (aka oogle)

Jugglers needed (base version): 1 beginner, 3 intermediate

le y It is the geometric position of the jugglers (upside down here) that gives this pattern its name.  All passers pass at the same time on the same rhythm.  Beware of the (minor) risk of collisions between the passes from A-C and C-B.
Then try the moving version: rotating Y or variations on Y (Oogles & Klingon) with more jugglers (5, 6 or 7).


With 12 clubs
4-count (every other) or 2-count (solids). For kicks, try other rhythms like waltz.

With 14 clubs
It's possible to try this with 14 clubs and a staggered start.  It works exactly like a 7-club 2-count pattern with 2 jugglers (here D and C) starting first, followed a beat later by A and B.  Everyone may do doubles, or just D and C (with A and B continuing in singles).

With 16 clubs
4 clubs per person.  Everyone starts at the same time and throws doubles.