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First passing patterns with 6 clubs

This page is the next logical step from the previous page: beginners passing with 5 clubs , it is preferable to have read this first, but in the end, you're the one that is viewing it.

What we would like to do, now that 5 club passing doesn't present any problems, is to add the 6th club, using the same pattern as with 5. You now have to agree upon a rhythm ( 5-count or 6-count). Take 3 clubs each (2 in the right hand, one in the left), and throw them.

What changes when going from 5 to 6 is that you will always be juggling, and you have to catch a club immediately after throwing one. So of course you will start at the same time, which brings us to our first problem: how to start ?

The Fast And Slow Start

The fast start consists of throwing a pass to start. It's by far the most commonly used. Look at the page How to hold your clubs if you would like the details, as it's the hand that is holding 2 clubs that throws first.

The slow start consists of throwing some selfs before the first pass. It is possibly easier for 2 beginners that are learning at the same time.

In each case you will both have to start at the same time. To synchronize, start by raising your right hand (and the 2 clubs that are in it) above your right shoulder, look at your partner, then move your hands down at the same time to the side of your right leg, move your hand up and execute the pass. It sometimes helps to say "Up, Down, Pass" while executing this maneuver.

The diagrams below should give you the idea, you can also look at some of the videos .

Which Rhythm to choose ?

Ambidextrous Rhythms

If you have decided to try the ambidexterous rhythms with 5 clubs, you will be using either the 5 or 3-count rhythm. The 5-count rhythm is by far the easiest to start with as there are more selfs to stabilize the juggling after a pass.

5-count: a pass from the right hand is followed by 4 selfs, then we start again with a pass from the left hand.

3-count: A pass from the right hand is followed by 2 selfs, then we start again with a pass from the left hand. We always throw back the club that we have just received.

Non-Ambidexterous Rhythms

If you have started with rhythms that pass solely from the right hand (or left hand), You will need to try a 6-count (the easiest as it is slow) or the 4-count.

6-count: A pass from the right hand is followed by 5 selfs, then it starts over again.

4-count: A pass from the right hand is followed by 3 selfs, then it starts over again.