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JaSoN's countdown

Credits: first publication by Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen in Kaskade 66

Here is what Jon says about JaSon countdown in Kaskade 66:

This pattern I invented in Rotterdam last year with Simon and Nick, but unfortunately they live in Germany and England, so I haven't had the chance to get it really solid. The pattern has both an 11-club version and a 12-club version (I don't remember which one we did in Rotterdam - but we had it working for a while so it was there were probably only 11 pieces of plastic in the air).

Anyway, warm up by juggling it with 9 clubs. 'Feedee 1' (F1) does pssp-spps while 'Feedee 2' (F2) starts four beats later thus doing spps-pssp (don't get confused by the hyphen - it, doesn't mean anything, is for the people that choose to think of the countdown from 3 as a pssp followed by the reverse: spps). The feeder (FF) does ultimate starting with two inside passes then going into the sequence which is four outside passes, four inside passes etc. This is a nice pattern and can be extended to the n-feed, the w-feed etc. In these cases only the two jugglers on the end do the countdown - all the others are feeding. Well, back to The Real Stuff.

JaSoN countdown: 11 clubs

To do the 11-club version have have the two feedees do the easy end of the Copenhagen Countdown (that is straight double passes and no zips). F1 starts with 4 clubs and does pssp-spps. F2 has 3 clubs and starts at the same time as F1 doing spps-pssp. Both start with the right hand. FF starts at the same time as the feedees but from the left hand and he does ultimate. He does one inside pass before going into the real sequence which is four outside passes (starting from the right) followed by four inside passes (also starting right, of course). All the passes are normal (not floaty) straight doubles as this pattern is synchronous.

FF is the centre line and F1 is the top line, and F2 is the bottom line. If you don't understand the difference between inside and outside passes imagine that you are walking along the middle line of the causal diagram passing in the direction of the arrow (with the appropriate hand) each time you walk over one of the letters.

JaSoN countdown: 12 clubs

In the 12-club version all the passes are floaty doubles and F2 (this time equipped with 4 clubs) starts with a left hand pass half a beat before the feeder and a whole beat before F1. FF and F1 both start with the right hand. F2 starts one throw earlier in the throwing sequence thus doing pspps before going into the Copenhagen Countdown sequence. To get this to work FF will be crossing and the feedees doing straight passes (as in the diagram), but it can also be done with FF going straight, and the feedees doing crossing passes. Have fun!