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1-count feeds

Credits: first publication of the dissociation feed by Allen K. on rec.juggling

On this page, you'll find the feeds where the feeder is passing on ultimate (1-count) while both the feedees juggle a 2-count. Using ulimates for the feeder is probably one of best way to go for large number of clubs (up to 15 but we'll stop at 12) :

9 clubs 1-count
9 clubs 1-count, dissociated feeder
10 clubs 1-count
11 clubs 1-count
12 clubs 1-count

9 clubs

S is juggling ultimate and passes to C1 with his right and and to C2 with his left. C1 and C2 are juggling a 2-count. The main difficulty of this pattern comes from the fact that C2 pass with his left hand and receive with his right (left-handed 2-count). C1 pass to S' left hand, and C2 to S' right hand (all the passes are tramline here).

9 clubs feed with the feeder on 1-count.

Dissociated 9 clubs

poste désynchronisé In this pattern, the feeder (A) is juggling 5 clubs with B on the left and 4 clubs with C on the right. A must dissociate his two hands because everything goes faster on the left (the diagram only shows the flightpath of the passes - B & C selfs are not drawn).
A starts with 2 clubs in each hand, B with 2 in the right hand and one in the left, C with 1 in each hand. B and C must start a bit after their first incoming pass from A.

10 clubs

Here, we have 5 clubs on each side of the pattern :
- 5 for C1 and S' left hand
- 5 for C2 and S' right hand

As you can see on the diagram below, the siteswap for each pass is 3.5 so they will be easier to make on floaty singles. C2 (on top) might prefer passing with his right hand (theorically he should use his left), in this case S just need to pass to his left hand.

10 clubs feed massues with the feeder on 1-count

The diagrams shows a non-synchronous version; for a synch version, S need to make his passes from right hand and left hand at the same time.

11 clubs

Just like with 9 clubs, the passes are all tramline. Only the height and the spin is modified ; the passes here should be made on doubles but it's perfectly possible to juggle the pattern on singles too. Faster of course, but somehow easier.
C2 (lowest line on the diagram below) is always passing with his left hand !

11 clubs 1-count

12 clubs

Same idea as 10 clubs but you need 6 clubs on each side of the pattern (left and right hand sides of the feeder). Using doubles sounds like the best solution. Feedee n°1 (C1) starts at the same time as the feeder's first pass to him, C2 does the same, one beat later. The diagram shows a little staggering but the feedees will easily get back into the right tempo; the feeder has enough problems to deal with.

12 clubs 1-count

As with 10 clubs, a synchronized version of this feed is possible.