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These passing rhythms are some very interesting slow-fasts with a feeder in a special 1-count. I made some additional diagrams to make it clearer:

B: feeder
A: feedee 1
C: feedee 2
(RH: right hand, LH: Left hand)

RH pass - LH zip

RH pass
LH pass - RH zip

LH pass

In the 2 patterns (8 and 10 club), B starts with 2 clubs in each hand, and won't do the first 2 zips.

8 club technofeed

The feedees do a very (very very) slow 1-count. They should try to throw at the very last moment to make it easier for the feeder.
Feedee 1 (A) does straight passes, feedee 2 (C) does crossing passes.
A & C start with a club in each hand.

8 clubs technofeed

10 clubs technofeed

This time it gets a lot more difficuly for the feedees, they're now doing a rhythm, which, from their point of view, is called techno. The feeder does the same thing as in the 8 clubs version.

As in the 8 clubs version, A does straight passes, B does crossing passes. They each start with 2 clubs in the right hand and 1 in the left.

10 clubs technofeed