the Passing DataBase

This rotating feed is an invention of the "Flying Karamazov Brothers" who presented it on stage during their show.  Each juggler in turn will become post in a line feed, and in fact only makes one sweep through the line, after which the last feedee becomes the feeder.  To allow the formation to turn, the jugglers should form a circle rather than a true line.  You may, of course, try this with a smaller or greater number of jugglers. 


In the diagrams, A is the post at the beginning.  He feeds the other 4 in order, and the feeder changes with A's pass with E (at the end of the line).  Everyone then repositions themselfs (cf. diagrams 4 and 5) and E continues as post.  The next feeder will be D, etc.... 

Along the same lines, there is also the Karamazov rotating feed.

the classical version is 2-count for the post and 4-count for the others, now it's up to you to use your imagination.