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La croix La croix

Everything depends upon the rhythm in this one.  The four jugglers all pass with the same rhythm, but this can be done in several different ways, the only goal being to avoid collisions in the middle.

In the classic version, everyone does 4-count; while A&B pass, E&F (why not C&D?  Who knows?) throw right-handed selfs (fig. 1) and vice-versa. 

Second option: everyone doing 2-count; while A&B pass, E&F throw left-handed selfs.

Third option: Choose any rhythm (often two-count but this is a chance to put the left hand to work, so try waltz too).  Everyone passes at the same time and as if by some miracle, it can work.  The diagrams at right explain why and show the importance of being well synchronized.
Here, it suffices to observe two moments in the clubs' trajectory.  The positions of the clubs at each given moment are marked by black arrows, their trajectories by red lines.
croix synchro croix synchro

Fourth option:  When this works it's a huge deal, and one may well wonder why.  A&B and E&F do 7 clubs in doubles.  To avoid collisions, each must be sure that he makes each of his throws just after the juggler to his right. If A starts first, F follows half a beat later, then B, and then E.

Try also the cross in PPS.