the Passing DataBase

The moveable feast is a variation on the clock, where every juggler passes to all the others in turn, including themselves. The jugglers start in 2 lines facing each other and pass to the person opposite them. So, no matter how many people join in, there are no awkward long passes.

These diagrams for 10 jugglers should give you a good idea of the pattern, even if they don't show a full cycle. Here are a few more tips:
The usual rhythm is a 4-count for everybody
After each pass, everyone moves 1 step to the left, so their next pass will be with a new partner (the person next to their last partner). In the diagrams, J7 passes with J4, then J3, then J2, ...
After passing at the left end of each line (J5 and J10 in diagram 1), a juggler has 7 beats to change side, 3 selfs, a pass to himself(!) and 3 more selfs. Some people might prefer to gather their clubs and start again on the other side.
Adding 2 jugglers to the pattern is fairly simple. One joins each line.

If you have an odd number of jugglers, then there will always be somebody changing line. See the diagrams under for 9 jugglers.