the Passing DataBase

Well, the figures below combined with some comments should do it.  When it's all said and done, it's much easier to explain than to do.

torture51   torture52   torture53   torture54

Given that C and D are in every others (4-count), these should normally be the easiest positions, but they must be able to catch M's potentially hazardous passes.  That's all for C and D.  The others are all passing in solids (2-count).  M faces A and B. 

Positions A and B are a little harder.  A should wait for a pass from C when throwing to B (steps 1 and 2).  This makes a 90 angle. Also, they are doing solids (2-count), making a feed without a carriage return (cf. line feeds).

Finally we have M (as in Masochist).  That's where it's best to have a good passer.  Since M faces A and B, the passes to C and D are made blindly.  Either the two passes are made over the shoulder (backdrops), or M can turn slightly and throw under his arm to C and over the shoulder to D.

If you want to add more people, see how with torture chamber for 7.