the Passing DataBase

karamazov1 This is actually a rotating feed with 4 jugglers.  The post (D here, at the beginning) juggles in solids (2-count).  The jugglers on the ends (A and C at the start) are in 8 count (yes, it's slow) and the one in the middle (B) does every-others (4-count).  Thus they begin with a feed where D feeds in the order:  A, B, C, B, A, B...
A is the one who will move first.
karamazov2 When D passes with B (just after D's pass with C--see the top diagram), A prepares to make his last pass.
karamazov3 A makes the aforementioned last pass.
karamazov4 As soon as he has received D's pass, A moves quickly across, next to D, while the latter, upon seeing A move, makes his last pass with B (who then goes into 8-count).
karamazov5 At this time, A replaces D as post and passes with C (who should have already adjusted to the change and will then go into 4-count) and D moves quickly across next to C for the next pass.
karamazov6 A now passes with D, and the configuration is once again like the first step.  While all this is happening, B, not having much to do, has time to do a few tricks.

If you want more Karamazov patterns, try the Karamazov rotating feed (5 jugglers)


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